Who is Drift Dog

Drift Dog is an outdoor apparel company for men and women who love the word "outside". We specialize in creating apparel that is durable, comfortable, and affordable to meet everyone's wants and needs. 

The story goes like this...

Let's just say it was meant to be. Growing up with a passion for graphic design and the outdoors it was hard for Meg & Ben Shuptrine to resist. On July 20th, 2020 the recently married couple decide to take a leap of faith, and follow a past dream. The dream of starting an outdoor apparel company came alive. Drift Dog was created. A drift boat which traveled the United States and finally landed in the hands of the right person might have started the catchy two syllable name, but the Drift Dog became something bigger...

Meet the Team

Ben Shuptrine: Founder & Designer

Growing up in an artistic household leads to pretty big dreams. Ben is the founder of Drift Dog as well as the Graphic Designer, and apparel designer. Having a Graphic design degree as well as a minor in entrepreneurship gives Ben the focus he needs to push Drift Dog to the next level.  "Being a lover of the outdoors I feel as if we are always chasing something. It could be a view on top of a mountain, or it could be that one big fish that changes your life...We might think we know what's ahead of us, but we don't...thats the beauty of it all. That is the meaning of finding your drift...my chase is Drift Dog"

 Meg Shuptrine: Co- Founder & Marketing Director

Understanding the fashion behind a brand is key for an apparel company. Meg deals with day to day social media advertising as well as creating the looks for the women's line. She not only is the other voice of the company, but the photographer. Meg has a love for being behind the lens to give people what they truly want; professional photography. Meg is a communications major with a focus of medical sales here in the great city of Chattanooga, TN.

Ranger Outdoors LLC. In January 2021 the Ranger Outdoors LLC team brought Drift Dog as a team member. The four outdoor brands together create a versatile and functioning business like no other. It takes a team.